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Top 10 Sailing Yachts in the Caribbean

THE Virgin Islands and the Caribbean Sailing Vacations.
Welcome to "Peter Pan Land" where mother nature created her best work, soft trade winds whisper in your ear and the star studded skies light the way. It is here that cool tropical sea breezes ushers in each warm Caribbean day and puffy clouds open to an occasional rainbow. This tropical trade wind between 8 and 10 knots each day created the best sail vacation for any Caribbean sailing charter yacht. Angelfish swim at your side as the sea sings its own spirited reggae. Red and Green flamboyant trees dot the landscape with a blaze of orange and some of the most beautiful Caribbean sights await you , as you sail from island to island, each with its own special character. Without your own private charter yacht you would miss where dolphins and mermaids play, being anchored to one resort for a week, is what our grand parents used to do.

Captain Andrew's top 10 sailing yachts for your sailing vacations

#1 Sailing Yacht ANDROMEDA LA DEA 154 Feet (2 recent refits).

This magnificent Perini charter yacht, smells brand new, she looks brand new, but she is not. Here is a modern day legend. What an impressive yacht, stepping into this unique vessel is like walking into a kings palace on water. Her interior offers uncompromising elegance, style and pedigree at first glance. Only the highest quality fabrics from round the world were used throughout the interior. Unusual is a bar with bar stools, sit-down dining, with plush guests cabins. Her fantastic cockpit has been designed for intimate parties and get-togethers. Onyx is used in all of the heads. A magnificent yacht is nothing without the very best captain and crew team to run and maintain her, well here we have possibly the top crew team in chartering. Your captain is most charming fun and friendly, who has employed the team to support the yacht and his ideas, to provide your perfect yacht vacation.

The 8 crew members, 2 of whom are massage therapists, are a good representation of the global community. Their diverse backgrounds come together to create the perfect environment for Andromeda la Dea?s guests. With an Escoffier-trained chef onboard preparing meals from scratch, including fresh bread, guests will never want to leave. This is exactly why we put this gorgeous beauty and her well run team at the top of the charter yachts in the Caribbeans.
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#2 Sailing Vacations on TITAN X1V - 115 FEET.

Titian X1V boasts on of our industries top captains, Peter Pexton is widely considered one of our industries most experienced and respected charter captains, his qualifications is for any yacht of 3,000 tons. Captain Peter has gathered the very best crew around him to provide the best adventure for his guests, so expect world-class cuisine when on board. Your chef knows exactly which wine is enjoyed with each meal. high-end en-suite cabins. The interior is delicately done to provide the feeling of home away from home and she is graciously luxurious in everyway. The master stateroom is richly furnished in mahogany and silk this stretches the full width of the yacht. The guest?s cabins are a quiet oasis of exceptional peacefulness and privacy. All cabins are decorated in soft soothing colors with fabrics which offer personal amenities as audio/video/dvd systems as well as controlled air conditioning. The guest?s quarters are totally separate from the crew who are set on the other side of the yacht both separated by the Salon and dining area. Perfect well thought out design. Your day area is a delight in privileged elegance and exquisite dining. The decoration is streamlined European sophistication with fine Maple joinery complimented by the pleasing light system. Candlelit dinners can be formal inside, or casual on-deck in the cockpit area. There is no substitute for size so 115 feet is perfect for guests and crew alike. itan X1V is prepared to take guests virtually anywhere for their sailing vacation as long as it is between the Virgins and Grenada. During the summer months, Newport Rhode Island, the east coast of America. Martha?s vineyard, Nantucket, Block Island just mentions a few east coast locations.
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Sailing Vacations

#3 Caribbean Sailing Yacht TABOO 85 Feet

Taboo has 5 Queen staterooms, each with its own private toilet, private shower and wash basin, also fully air conditioned. . All staterooms are fitted with flat screen TV?s, DVD?s, Playstations, iPods and hairdryers.Taboo is family-owned and operated for the past 20 years. Miranda and David are both professional photographers who pamper and welcome their guests. Miranda has to be the best lady chef in our industry, her cuisine is world-class, presentation and service is what comes to guests on board Taboo. Miranda is the magic on board Taboo. Based for Virgin Island sailing vacations Taboo is prepared to take your sailing vacation anywhere within reason. Excellent value for your private yacht charter.
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#4 Endless Summer 2 Sailing Vacations (72ft)

What makes Endless Summer unique is the fact she is only one of two yachts in the charter industry which boats 4 equal queen sized cabins, each cabin has it's own private toilet, private shower and wash basin. electric heads. Each cabin is individually controlled by the a/c. The yacht has been so well designed the crew quarters are in the front of the yacht giving guests privacy of the entire yacht. A great perk: Endless Summer II offers a complimentary sleepaboard at the dock in the Nanny Cay Marina the night before the charter, thus saving guests up to $1,000 in hotel costs for the night before their charter.

This particular captain and chef team are really different to the rest, Susanna's Dad (Barry) is the co-designer of the Irwin charter yachts and purchased his unusual Irwin model of yacht in 1986. Barry Rice has been chartering Endless Summer for many years now. Susanna was a babe when she took the wheel of Endless Summer many years ago. Today it is Susanna who is the chef and first mate on board Endless Summer, what a wonderful take-over by the daughter. This process is not complete without her famous bow Captain Will Rapp. Captain Will is the driving force behind the success of the two. Dad Barry is the maintenance man behind the scene. Keeping Endless Summer in tip top condition is a proud family thing. We feel that this crew team have superior knowledge of these Virgin Islands. Here are some out of the way anchorages Captain Will mentions to us. The Arena, Fallen Jerusalem, Muskmelon Bay Guyana, Beneures Bay Norman islands. Susanna creates recipes, not just follow them. Expect cuisine prepared by a cuisine queen (as she is) with top service, fit for Royalty. We believe Endless Summer provides the best sailing yacht charters.
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#5 SEA QUELL yacht vacations (106 Feet)

This sailing yacht can be likened to a good sized power boat she has the space, possibly because the designer made her a tad wider than normal. Gone of the days when narrow knife like bottoms were designed, today they are wide and shallow, this to provide the perfect yacht charter. A large sugar scoop at the rear of the yacht for easy access to snorkeling. Most unusual is a Jacuzzi on deck. Entering Sea Quell one is smitten by the fact that high quality is what drove the owner to provide us with a top level sailing yachts such as this. Soft cream carpets are high-lighted by balance upholstery with high gloss timber finishes to the interior walls. The master cabins as well as the VIP and the third cabins are gorgeous, Sea Quell sleeps 6 guests in fine cabins.

Your captain Sam Duce is very charming fun and friendly, he is a stable captain having word for this same owner for the past 8 years, aah! a mark of a champion. The 4 man crew are excellent folk to enjoy during your one week adventure. Virgin Island Sailing is what we plan to do but we also move around the Caribbean Island Chain. Your chef Alexander is a cuisine king, his words of wisdom are. "I like sauces because they play havoc with those taste-buds." This means sauces create the taste we all enjoy. fine perpetration and presentation with service to match is what can be expected on board.
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#6 SANDCASTLE sailing vacations (72 Feet)

The wonderful Sandcastle focuses on comfort and space, so the maximum they sleep is 4 guests in 2 large king sized cabins. This is perfect for 2 couples which want the best. The interior is finished with high-gloss rich red cherry wood, which is complimented by soft white carpet and leather furniture.

Night scuba diving is available, water skiing with all related water sports. The crew loves to share its intimate knowledge of the islands with their guests. It is this captain and chef team which launch Sandcastle way above the rest. The captain Rick and his charming wife Ann are fun mature and friendly to be around, I am proud to represent these folk and have known them for the past 12 years. Again here are a couple who are rated within the top 5 crew teams in the Caribbean today.
Ann your culinary trained Chef?s menus reflect the diversity of local and international dishes. These meals are worthy of coverage in food and wine magazines and have already been displayed in some yacht charter magazines.
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Caribbean Sailing Vacations

#7 XTC Caribbean Sailing Vacations (76 Feet)

With spacious and comfortable accommodations, XTC is very clean, beautifully decorated and well maintained. Soft creams purple and yellow used inside and outside make the yacht look exciting. Here is a perfect 8 guests Caribbean sailing yacht, fully served by 2 highly qualified captain and chef team. Captain Vincent has been on board XTC for the past 5 years, so stability is again a great asset for this charming English spoken French gentleman. His question is how do I provide special sail yacht vacations? Service on board plus knowledge of local islands is his speciality.

The Chef prepares creative and delicious fare. Guests should feel comfortable to request special meals form this galley wizard.
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#8 LIBERTE sailing yacht vacations (72 Feet)

Superb accommodation and splendid cuisine are just part of your overall holiday experience. Within each of the four guest cabins, the feeling is one of luxurious comfort, your home away from home. Fully equipped, comfortable relaxing accommodations. The large lounging deck has a shaded cockpit. The spacious salon and dining area are complemented by a well equipped galley, complete with icemaker.

Captain Gordon is possibly one of our top captains in our industry a soft spoken man, fun filled has a wonderful charm about him. Here is a gentleman who I gravitate towards whenever I see him, just a great person to be around. Captain Gordon has selected the best team to serve you during your adventure on board.

Gordon tells me that he loves to take guests to 4 sixteenth century cannons in 10 feet of water because very few people know where these are. So take $20 underwater camera for these lovely unusual shots. The chef on board is culinary trained so expect world-class cuisine on board. Liberte is based to do a first class BVI charter.
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#9 Caribbean Sailing Yacht IRIE (75 Feet)

Irie is the second luxury Virgin Island sailing yacht boasting four equally appointed double staterooms, this gives our guests the feeling of spaciousness as well as intimacy, because the crew quarters are set way up front of the yacht. Designed for comfort, each individually air-conditioned cabin contains a private toilet, private shower and wash basin. The interior decoration is magnificent as always. Most unusual is her on deck Jacuzzi on board, guests love this touch. There is an iPod available on the yacht, with hundreds of tunes to choose from. A nice bonus: For certified divers, scuba diving is included in the rate.
The crew creates a relaxed, stress-free vacation atmosphere for guests. Here is a Jolly Roger captain and crew team, all smiles for miles. The Chef?s culinary skills enhance the stunning meals, so expect custom prepared meals when on board.
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#10 STENELLA sailing vacations (63 Feet)

Stenella is an exciting and beautiful yacht combining outstanding Virgin Island sailing performance with superb accommodations, built especially for the Caribbean charter market. The guest bathrooms differ from other yachts: they are large areas where the showers are contained in their own enclosed rooms, this is most unusual for smaller yachts. All the toilets are electrical push button. Wonderful interior decoration. Guests have said they were smitten by this charming captain and his gorgeous elf like wife. This is natural because Captain Andrew has that wonderful genuine smile gleaming from his face, warming your heart immediately. KC you cute little chef and wife to Andrew also has that genuine heart warming smile, where nothing is a problem for her to do to make sure her guests are spoiled rotten.The crew loves to share its passion for the sea and sailing with their guests. In addition to the fantastic world-class menus, KC loves to set up special tame and wild cocktails. This next point is what brings such a small yacht into the top 10 yachts around. Last year Stenella won first place for best mono-hull on show. 5 minutes later they also won best overall yacht on show so she also beat out all the new power boats and luxury catamarans, there were 68 different yachts at our annual boat show.

First Place, again first Place is very hard to do. Well done Stenella, good crew and first class you do provide the ultimate crewed sailing adventure..
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Not all private yacht charter vacations are the same

The above guide of 1-10 best luxury yachts to select for your sailing vacation is done by Captain Andrew who has been going to every boat show in the Caribbean since 1990. Knowledge of the captain and chef teams are gathered each year by visiting the captain and crew on all the yachts which attend these annual boat shows for charter brokers. These annual charter boat shows takes Andrew to Greece, Genova, Monaco, Antigua, Tortola in the Caribbean each year. Vital knowledge of each of the yachts is the reason customers call Barrington-Hall Corporation. Customers want answers to every aspect of their sailing vacation, they wish to know details of the yachts they are considering, they wish to know what water toys are on board, they wish to know what their captain and chef are like on board. How to get there, what currency is used and a host of other questions, your broker needs to know the answers.

There is no other broker in our class in this industry who has 5 years as a captain in the Caribbean chain and superb knowledge of where the guests are going to be. This knowledge impacts the quality of your private adventure. Not all brokerage houses are the same, this means the quality of "YOUR" crewed yacht charter will be far better with Captain Andrew's and his experience.