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Top 10 Catamarans

THE Virgin Islands and the Caribbean Sailing Vacations.
Welcome to "Peter Pan Land" where mother nature created her best work, soft trade winds whisper in your ear and the star studded skies light the way. It is here that cool tropical sea breezes ushers in each warm Caribbean day and puffy clouds open to an occasional rainbow. This tropical trade wind between 8 and 10 knots each day created the best sail vacation for any Caribbean sailing charter yacht. Angelfish swim at your side as the sea sings its own spirited reggae. Red and Green flamboyant trees dot the landscape with a blaze of orange and some of the most beautiful Caribbean sights await you , as you sail from island to island, each with its own special character. Without your own private charter yacht you would miss where dolphins and mermaids play, being anchored to one resort for a week, is what our grand parents used to do.

Captain Andrew's top 10 Caribbean Sailing Vacation Catamarans

#1 Caribbean Catamaran Zingara.

I rate Zingara the best catamaran we have in our industry (and the world to charter).- This Catamaran is truly a floating resort, she has more space inside and on deck for guests than all the others. This Cat is luxury at its finest with top shelf cuisine and spacious cabins. In fact Zingara is the only Caribbean Catamaran that features 2 king size suites and 2 queen size suites all with walk around bedroom furniture. This catamaran is so luxurious that she should be rented for $90,000 per week but she goes out for half of that. The captain and chef team were selected from so many people, it took 7 months before the owner knew he had employed the best captain and chef team to compliment Zingara. Attitude, attention to detail, treating each guest as number 1 were paramount in what the owner was looking for. Added to this the owner needed a very wise captain who could and can sail anywhere, so expect a culinary trained high-end chef who is trained in presentation as well as a smorgasbord of tasty dishes. All these reasons make my decision as to our industries top high-end luxury catamaran is Zingara. Zingara captures this accolade well ahead of all other competitors. In our industry we have 90 feet 105 feet catamarans as well as Douce France 139 feet, but Zingara has far better luxury at every point of charter. For 10 adult guests or a family of 10 guests Zingara is the best in the world at +-$40,000 per week. Truly Incredible. Zingara now has a sister ship in the charter industry as well. We have dealt with the leader of the pack.
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#2 Sailing Vacations on Catamaran Matira

What a wonderful fresh high-end luxury catamaran Matira really is Matira and her 2 sister catamarans are rated second in our industry, because she brings this magnificent new clean interior look to our industry. 2 years ago she was brand new and still looks brand new today. The only catamaran which boasts 4 king sized beds in all 4 cabins is unique to our industry, but their modern design has allowed larger beds, higher interior ceiling heights, more spacious saloon and kitchen areas. Above all as you step inside Matira your breath is taken away by her magnificent interior decoration, High gloss timber interior, with soft (cream) ivory colored leather to the saloon. This catamaran has picked up the luxury level of catamarans to our industry.

Over and above her excellent points Matira has a crew to fight for in Bruno and Suzu.
Captain Bruno is dynamic, motivated with a great sense of humor a great man to be around.
His knowledge of wines is also impressive, a bordeaux with a particular meal is explained to you in detail, etc. I have enjoyed 4 meals on board Matira and the cuisine is tasty with exceptional presentation.

SUZU is a charming pocket dynamo having lived in a number of countries on her own, she is an independent lovely lady who's hobby is cooking, aerobatics, dancing reading to name a few.
She is an excellent Chef and she really like to surprise her guests with some special recipes. Suzu is well groomed in international cuisine from round the world, so expect world class meals with world class wines. Both speak wonderful English.

If you want the very best for 8 guests then these three catamarans are the ones to book, their rate is low for the quality you are about to enjoy.

Matira and her sister catamarans Tiputa and Tahauta have lofted the luxury level in our catamaran industry over the past 2 years, thank you to all who set this high standard.

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#3 Catamaran Angel Glow

Angel Glow is strong in my top 10 because of the following points. I am proud to be associated with Angel Glow and her crew. This catamaran boasts 2 different colored laminated timber finishes with high gloss clear coat making the timber colors jump at you. This is a most striking combination. The colors in the furniture are conservative and yet have an island flair to them, the salon for example has a navy blue finish with different colored pillows to compliment the entire interior. The crew of Angel Glow: Captain Wayne and Kim I have known since 1999 roughly when they arrived in the Caribbean to start chartering on a catamaran named Millennium. Both Wayne and Kim are charming Australians, I always gravitate to these to folk when I have time off, they are just great to be around. Kim: You?ll be treated to a daily array of Kim?s culinary delights ? specialties and gourmet dishes discovered during her cruising travels. Always striving to refine her art, Kim attended the prestigious Culinary Institute of America and her unique and pleasing recipes reflect her training and exposure to a wide variety of cultures and cuisines. You can Expect, and you will enjoy world class cuisine on board Angel Glow.
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#4 Sailing Vacations on Akasha

Yacht Akasha is a futuristic 76ft catamaran. Akasha heralds a new era in luxury sailing yacht charter. Akasha, meaning infinite space in the ancient language of Sanskrit, is one of the most spacious luxury sailing yachts available for charter in the Caribbean today. The yacht Akasha's magnificent fly-bridge design creates an unusually large area for living, dining and relaxing. Akasha and her full-time crew of four will sail you around the beautiful islands of the Caribbean, providing you with the holiday experience of a lifetime, whatever your charter requirements. Accommodations onboard the charter catamaran Akasha has been designed to meet the exacting requirements of her owner in terms of space, luxury and style and no expense has been spared in achieving these objectives. Four double guest cabins, one of which easily converts to a twin, together with a magnificent owner's stateroom, accommodate 10 guests in extreme comfort.
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#5 Viking Dream

This 6 guest high end luxury catamaran looks as if she is brand new. This cleanliness is a sign of your crews pride in what they do. Viking Dream is designed for 6 guests in 3 equal queen sized cabins. Each individual has it own private ELECTRIC TOILETS, private showers and wash basins. Excellent Salon and cockpit. Indoor and outdoor areas for families or adults. Knowledeable captain and a chef who servesworld class cuisine. Catamaran Charters The famous GREEN FLASH can be viewed on a clear day when the yellow sun slowly drops behind the blue Caribbean horizon. It is the last quarter-section of the sun which turns to a lime green. When you are having fun onboard your luxury catamaran, keep your eyes on the sun setting; try not to miss the GREEN FLASH.

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#6 Wanderlust Caribbean Sailing Vacations

Catamaran Wanderlust Excellent for 12-16 guests Sir Paul McCartney enjoyed a week onboard with Linda; his favorite beach was the Bitter End Yacht Club
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#7 Catamaran Bliss Sailing Vacations

Unique to Bliss is a ladder in the middle of the trampoline which drops down on to the beach for easy access Magnificent cuisine 10 guests in 5 cabins
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#8 Quest Caribbean Vacations

Quest is set as one of our industries most successful charter catamarans, there are a number of reasons for her high ranking in my mind. The owner has also purchase Breanker the sister ship to Quest, both identical in every way except color scheme. Quest has 4 queen sized cabins with private toilet private shower and wash basin, hot and cold running water 24/7 full a/c. Quest was designed specifically for 8 guests in 4 queen cabins, most meals are taken outside but there is an internal salon seating 8 guests. Fun tropical colors brighten up the salon and all cabins. June and Vince are an adventurous and outgoing couple who look forward to welcoming you aboard Quest. They are world travelers who first met in Thailand and they have visited many remote parts of South East Asia, where they have been diving on some of the most untouched coral reef left in the world. In the past few years they have worked on a variety of vessels in the South Pacific, New Zealand and the Mediterranean. Their passion for sailing and diving brought them to the Caribbean, where they enjoy sharing the beauty of this tropical paradise. Vince is Canadian and has been sailing for the past 10 years. After teaching sailing in Canada, he was drawn to more distant shores, which brought him to the four corners of the earth. He finished his captain education and obtained his Yacht Master Offshore certificate in New Zealand, where he worked on some of the fastest yachts in the world. In 2006 Vince served as a watch captain on a New Zealand team in and Auckland -Fiji Ocean Race and proudly won first place onboard and ex- Whitbread racing boat named Lion New Zealand. June, your Chef and Divemaster, will help you discover the beauty of the Virgin Island coral reefs and treat you to some of her finest gourmet dishes. Born in Denmark, she began her restaurant experience as a waitress but made her way to the kitchen, where, for her, all the action is. She has worked in variety of restaurants, and knows the importance of quality ingredients and beautiful presentation. June was brought up with knowledge of the oceans and diving. This is the first time I have mentioned price, but both Quest and Breanker are priced correctly for the family man, or adult party of 8 guests and most catamarans take a guide as what Quest and Breanker charge guests.
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#9 Breanker Catamaran Vacations

Breanker is so high up the ladder for a number of reasons, she has a sister ship named Quest and both catamarans are owned by the same gentleman. His pricing for these catamarans is very smart priced to charter for 8 guests at $17,500 or $2,188 per person per week. This figure is set for the majority of charter folk and yet there is no compromise of quality for the charter guest. Breanker has soft pastel colors to her interior well planned 4 queen sized cabins with a large salon for indoor meals, but most meals are enjoyed outside in the cockpit in the open air. Top quality, a/c private toilets, private showers and wash basin to all 4 queen cabins. There is heaps of space inside this catamaran and even more on her uncluttered deck, the trampoline is the guests favorite spot for happy hour as well as while she is cruising from island to island. Kristian and Marianne Kristian is one of my favorite captains in the industry, he always has a big puppy dog smile. Nothing is too much for Kristian, it is impossible not to enjoy every moment with this wise man of the sea. Kristian and Marianne speak English like you and I and hail from Denmark. Marianne is a most charming lady (now a granny and proud of it), this lady takes your cuisine very seriously and can do almost any international meal for any number of guests. We do have a cuisine queen with an angels touch.

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#10 Good Medicine Caribbean Sailing Vacations

GOOD MEDICINE is the top catamaran in this range in the 45 feet range, here is a luxury catamaran which you can call brand new, she smells brand new and looks brand new, because she was not used in her first year and in her second year in the charter industry did just a few charters 2007 is her 3 rd season. Good Medicine sleep 6 guests in 3 queen sized cabins all brightly colored, it just seems that everything about Good Medicine is new. New to all of us the the way the owner has priced Good Medicine, children younger than 16 years old pay only $250 per week maximum. This owner feels that children should not be charged adult rates. However it is the crew who make this catamaran and I will be meeting the new captain and crew team this Saturday, the past captain and chef team were absolutely brilliant so their ora linguist in my mind when selecting Good Medicine. I am lead to believe that the new crew are magnificent, friendly fun and worked as crew before on other charter yachts. The talented chef can do any meal you wish her to do menus can be set well before your charter so you can see what can be done during your charter.
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